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about Miss Lilly

    I’m Miss Lilly, a London based professional dominatrix with 15 years in the BDSM scene. Always dressed immaculately head to toe in latex with gothic looks. I will captivate you with My elegance, Spanish charm and enchanting eyes. 


    Standing tall and strong, with long legs that will crush your head, kick your balls and squeeze them like a little worm. Long fingers that can fill all your holes and a muscly ass that will leave you gasping for air. I love playing with pain and all your senses.


    My favourite kinks are latex, corporal punishment, water sports, spit play, foot domination, face sitting, anal play/pegging and objectification but I cater to so much more. Please see the 'SERVICES' page for the full list of kinks. If you don’t see what you are looking for,  you can ask by email. I love getting to explore all sorts of fantasies.


    I get pure enjoyment from dominating your whole self, mind and body. Torturing you makes me wet and horny. You will do anything to please Me. My face is very expressive and you will quickly see My sadistic grin as I take full control of you.


    My caring and nurturing nature will make you feel at ease and free yourself from any shame. I love all filth and dirty play. I will provide you with all the trust that you need to feel comfortable and explore new things in your journey of kink. I will hold you through your most vulnerable states.


    I expect my clients to be polite, respectful and honest from the very first contact. I keep health and safety a great priority. I have many interests outside kink, I love an interesting mind and great conversation.


Please read through the whole website before enquiring for a session.  


Can’t wait to meet you and make you all mine!

Please use the form in the 'CONTACT' page for any type of booking

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