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Apply to serve, meet and please Me

how to book



  1. Include how you would like to be called, e.g., your nickname, your name, slut, pig, etc...

  2. Make sure your email is correct, otherwise I won't be able to contact you back.

  3. Where did you find me?​ Simple, just for my own records, I find it very interesting.

  4. Select the main reason you are contacting me. If you are unsure, I advise you to book a consultation first to discuss your interests and find out what is the best setting for you.

  5. You will need to provide either a specific day/s and time/s you would like the session to take place, or your usual available days, e.g., Wednesdays at midday, or a specific week. It is recommended to book at least 2 weeks in advance as stated on the "FAQ" page.

  6. If you are unsure of the length you require, select 1h and we can discuss the appropriate length in the follow up email.

  7. Please be honest about any health concerns, injuries or allergies, this is for your own safety and for the best outcome possible.

  8. In the last space, please write a bit about yourself. You must include:

    • How do you consider yourself? A submissive, slave, sissy, pup, toilet, fetishist, kinkster or what else​​?

    • What do you want to explore with Me in the session?

    • What are your major kinks?

    • Soft and hard boundaries. I don't accept a "no boundaries" approach. If you don't know yet, say so.

    • Your level of experience in BDSM. No worries if you don't have any, I love introducing new people into the wonderful world of kink. The more open you are, the best outcome you will get. There is no right or wrong. ​Just respect and trust.

  9. Before you send your booking, make sure you have read the cancelation policies in the "FAQ"​ page.

what happens next


  1. Once I receive your booking request, I will follow it up with an email asking further information about likes/dislikes, boundaries and other relevant questions for our session. If you haven't heard from Me in 72 h, check your spam folder. If I haven't replied, it means your application was unsuccessful.

  2. Please have your deposit ready to avoid wasting My time and yours. 

  3. Once we agree on a date and time you will be expected to pay your deposit. Usually it is 50%, but this depends on the type of session. Please check the FAQ if you are unclear.

  4. You will be asked to provide your full legal name and telephone number. This is just for My own records and won't be used without your permission. This is non negotiable. 

  5. If you feel comfortable to share your social media handle, telegram or state your preferred way to keep contact.

  6. Let Me know if you consent to Me taking pictures during the session. No pressure whatsoever. This can be done with or without a hood, hiding tattoos or any recognisable features. This will be only used on My social media accounts to promote myself. You will be kept anonymous unless stated by you. 

  7. Once all these steps have been undertaken,  I will send you another email with the exact address for our meeting. 

  8. Please come clean! A bit of sweat and day odour is understandable, but basic hygiene is expected. Depending on the nature of the play taking place during the session, if you don't follow my rules you might be sent to wash yourself. 

  9. Before our session, I will send a message/ email with the cost of My cab (this will be an approximation of the ride back and forth). This can be paid together with the outstanding fees by cash-in-hand or PayPal before we start the session.

  10. You can ask anything you are concerned or unclear about before our session. You are expected to show respect and be polite from the first email, but you are allowed to ask freely, we are on equal terms till we start the session. At that point you do as I say and I have full control over you.  

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