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Your chance to stand out and make yourself noticed.


The best way to impress Me and show your appreciation is  through gifts and tributes.  

To capture My attention, you can send it before you book Me. Gifts and tributes  show respect and appreciation for what I do. They also get you on My specials' list.


If you want to get Me a gift, please check my WISHLIST below. Latex is definitely the best way! If you have your eyes on a special item you would like to buy me that is not on my list, just send Me an email for details. For every order of latex you make for Me, you will get a custom photo of me wearing it.
What's not to like about this?

Toys are very welcomed gifts as well. If there is something in particular you want to try and be used on you, send Me an email first, I'm always open to new fantasies and explore new territories. 


 I also love GIFT CARDS, they are anonymous and can be sent to My email. Remember to send Me a note
if you want to be acknowledged.


 You can send gifts to Me or bring it to our session. I don't drink much alcohol, so a thoughtful gesture definitely captures my heart.  Some vegan chocolates, a plant/ flowers or religious paraphernalia also
makes a good impression. 


Nice gifts will be rewarded!

For cash tribute/financial gifts please send them to My CashApp or Paypal. Alternatively you can tip
Me on our session. Nothing makes me more wet than money. 

If you are unsure, please ask Me! There are always a few things I have in mind that haven't made it to the Wishlist to cater all sorts of budgets. 

Other options are vouchers for beauty treatments, spa days, meals...
A simple way to provide pleasure to My life.

- Throne: Mme_Lilly
- Wishtender: @Mme_lilly


 - CashApp:  £MmeLilly 
- PayPal:

I also accept gift cards to my email address: from

- Atsudo Kudo

- Cathouse clothing

- Lady Lucie Latex

- Libidex

- Regulations

- Goldemiche

- R & M Leathers



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