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The Ultimate Test: A Transformative Experience. Social date with Miss Lilly by sub "r".

I met Miss Lilly on a social  date after weeks of emails. I'm a middle-aged guy who sessioned sporadically a decade ago. I think I walked away from femdom because of the fear and shame and conflicting  emotions so many of us sub males feel on a regular  basis. Miss Lilly understood where I was coming from-she wanted to meet in person to confirm we  were compatible for play.

My heart beat faster as I approached her at the  meeting point, a tube station near the  restaurant we'd be dining at. She looked at me and walked over. Later, she told me my face changed when I saw her. I was genuinely nervous-I had a lot of respect for her but also found her intimidating and beautiful. She looked so pretty in her black leather jacket with her trademark blue hair. 

We made small talk as we walked to the restaurant. Miss picked the restaurant, and she enjoyed seafood while I had some chicken as we got  to know each other better. We talked about our backgrounds, education, music, nutrition, and of course kink! It was one of the best dates of  my life! The conversation never seemed forced and  there were no awkward silences. I found Miss to be bubbly, intelligent, humourous and really open. 

As we waited for our train at the station, I asked Miss Lilly if I could give  her a hug. She said of course before giving me a nice cuddle.

I had passed her test. Two weeks  later, I experienced the best and most intense session of my life. 

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